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Pure Coconut Oil Soap

Products Pure Coconut Oil Soap

Yellow Sunshine!!.

lime and lemony Tea tree and lime oil bathing soap!! good for acne prone skin and for clear complexion Ingredients: Goat milk, Aloevera, glycerin, tea tree oil and lime oil

Cute Mini Soaps!!!

A wide selection of Mini Soaps. Great for kids but also great for adults! Handmade with Essential Oils, Soap Coloring, Glycerin Soap Base #skinfairy #handmade #natural #chemicalfree #goodforskin .to Order Wats app 9629820541

Loofa soap.

Aloevera base with tea tree oil and lemon oil. Revitalize your body , improve skin texture,natural anti-depressant.

Honey and Glycerin Soap

Ylang -Ylang Essential Oil and Rose oil are known for its properties as an antidepressant, antiseptic, aphrodisiac, nervine and sedative substance.As well as honey is known for healing properties

The new soap for Handsome hunk!!! Look like rock and Ocean.

It's cooling effects make you feel rejuvenated and charming!!

made with peppermint, lemon and cologne and glycerine and charcoal base

SKINFAIRY's Charcoal Bath Bar!!!

If Acne is a Problem, Then our Charcoal soap is the Solution.

Yes !!! Here is our Coconut Charcoal Bath Bar with Pure TeaTree essesntial oil.
100% Natural
Treats Acne
Remove Blackheads
Remove Dead Skin
Deep Cleanses Skin
Treats Oily Skin
Clogs Pores


So why a Cold process soaps hat to why SKIN FAIRY Productions️ Most of us would be using the commercial soaps only all these years. So should we suddenly shift to a Organic, natural, handmade, cold processed,pure etc(All the adjectives added to soaps) These adjectives are no form of exaggeration. Those words are used to explain how the process has taken place & the care taken to pick each ingredients!! Yes, there is a lot of difference between a commercial soap & a natural one. There is no flame used to heat up the oils (which retains the natural properties of the oils)
Cold pressed oils are the raw materials.
Usage of Fresh ingredients like Fruits, vegetables, zest of fruits etc adds on the benefits a soap can deliver
Colours of soaps are no way Artificial. It is extracted from natural ingredients like annatto,Alkanet,Arrowroot etc.
Natural glycerin of the oils are retained.
Its both skin & environment friendly.
A component called Lye is added for soapanification & after effective curing even the lye evaporates & the soaps are totally chemical free.
100% free from artificial fragrances. ( I strongly believe soaps are cleansers & not a body deodrants)
Once cold process soaps are used, You will never ever switch to chemical soaps becaz it make you super addictive to goodness❤️ #skinfairy #coldprocesssoap #coldsoap #soap #handmade #natural #organic #skincare #skin #love #loveforskin #charcoal #neem #rose #babysoap #sheabutter #saffronsoap #saffron #soft #good_for_skin #sulphatefree #parabenfree #cruelty_free

True Rose Handmade bathing BAR!!! features Organic Aloe Vera, Grapeseed Oil, and Rose Clay Cold process soap that will nourish your skin and is safe for the environment. Made with natural, plant based ingredients!!! The fresh, bright, and clean bubbly lather... that's True Rose! We use Organic Aloe Vera, Grapeseed Oil, and Rose Clay to make this a truly luxurious bar of soap. There are many rose scents out there but this is one not heavy or powdery rose like you commonly smell. It just smells light and clean. #skinfairy do DM or wats app for order @9629820541

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