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About Us

Just as we admire the genuine worth in every woman, we believe that the Skin Fairy Productionswoman deserves nothing but the best, purest, authentic beauty and wellness products money can buy. Unlike other online players, we NEVER source anything from the ‘grey market’, choosing to only offer products that are 100% authentic, sourced directly from the brands or authorized distributors. Our authenticity also extends to all aspects of how we run our business. From its very inception, Skin Fairy Productions has strived to set the benchmark in product quality control so that customers are assured of receiving 100% genuine and fresh products sourced directly from manufacturers or their authorized distributors.

Every effort is taken to reinforce Skin Fairy Productions reputation for product quality and reliability; random sampling to check for—and return—products near expiry, surprise checks at the warehouse to ensure all quality control measures are implemented, and choosing the most reliable courier partners across the states. Skin Fairy Productions is committed to the vertical integration of quality control and 100% authenticity of all product offerings to build and retain consumer trust and confidence. In another step to ensure complete quality control, Skin Fairy Productions controls the entire value chain, from product sourcing to final sale to ensure that no fake products are sold. Every product sold on the site can be traced back to the brand via sales receipts. The warehouse staff is specially trained to examine all exterior packaging and expiration dates of beauty products on receipt of products and prior to shipping to customers.

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